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Full Version: Installing Sims2 Best of Business...help!
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Hi guys!  Smile I just purchased The Sims2 Best of Business collection, but I'm terrified to install it  {ohmy} I've read the directions, but I'm still not sure what to do? I'm afraid I'm going to lose the game I'm playing now or screw it up some how. I have The Sims2 Double Deluxe installed now and I've been playing for ages. Somehow, I was under the impression I could just install this new collection and everything would neatly fall into place with my original game. Apparently, not so!  {no} Right now I have the aging off cheat on. Do I have to turn that off? and backing up files? huh? duh?  {unsure}

Would someone be kind enough to walk me through this very scary procedure?  {freaked} Please make in simple. I'm not too computer savvy.  {blush}

Thanks in advance.   
From what I understand, you should be able to just install it and you're good to go, all will be fine.  If you're worried, go ahead and back up your files just in case, and if something does mess up, you can just uninstall the Expansion Pack, place your backup in game and you're fixed.
Majick to my rescue once again! {blush} Sorry for being such a pest, but is there anyone even playing Sims2 anymore? Whenever I try to look something up it's all about Sims3. I'm looking forward to playing Sims3 but I thought I'd try Sims2 first. I'm kind of worried I might not have the requirements on this old puter, but I'll worry about that when the time comes.

I played the original Sims and all the expansions when it first came out, until I actually got tired of it (hard to believe, I know {rolleyes}) so I wasn't in a huge hurry to purchase
Sims2, but of course I'm loving it. I'm hooked once again! If I remember correctly I thought I just installed the expansions with no problems. When I read the instructions for this expansion...well ummm I got skeered  o.O

Ok, now I'm rambling, it's way past my bedtime, but I'm trying to get Brandi Broke's life in order  {ohmy} I've been playing waaaay too long.

Anyhoo, I do not know how to back up my files. I read it, but I don't understand it?? and forget burning it on a CD?? I'm so embarassed  {blush} I'm playing on Windows XP. Could I have a simple step by step please?  {unsure}

Thanks in advance.
did it! Not nearly as difficult as everything I've read? Everything seems to be working fine.
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