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Full Version: Sims 2 DD expansions incorrectly installed
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Hi, I have a problem with my Sims 2 DD expansion packs, recently I tried to install Sims 2 DD and some expansion packs but the expansion packs won't install, once they are complete they display a dialog saying that they are incorrectly installed and something else...

I have uninstalled the expansions and Sims 2 DD months ago and I wanted to install them again but I am having problems installing the expansion packs again, what am I doing wrong? they are clearly uninstalled so why am I having that dialog?

thanks in advance.

Earth Mama

Well, I seem to have the same problem with installing EPs, as it won't update the game as it should. Then uninstalls the said EP.

Don't know why. They are probably having trouble with their website.
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