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Full Version: expansion problems??
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[/u]everytime i try to install a expansion pack for sims 1 it says setup.exe found a error and must abort. and at bottom it says report and dont send. it happens with every expansion i try to install??

help please some1!!
I don't know. Think about all the things required to put Sims on your computer.
1. Do you have enough storage on your hard drive?
2. This seems like common sense, but if you have a Mac, make sure it's the Sims version for a Mac computer. (Last Christmas my mom got me the Sims 3 for a Mac, we have a PC. FML.)
3. Reread your instructions. Maybe you did something wrong.
4. Isn't there a Sims hotline or phone number to call?
Good luck anyway! The Sims is SO much more fun with the expansions.
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