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Full Version: Anyone Played Skyrim (Elder Scrolls V) Yet?
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Oooo, you can leave Alduin at the mountain? I'll try that right away. Big Grin thanks for your help!
So I came across this Giants Camp.

[Image: 11a8wnb.jpg]

Killed the two of them and their stupid hairy elephants, took their goods, tusks, souls and their eeny-meenie-minie-moes for recycling, was leaving southwards and there was some note stuck to the signpost, something to do with the destroyed kitty caravan next to the giant's camp I supposed, perhaps it had been hit by bandits earlier and it was a reward for the capture of those responsible organised by the traders themselves.

Put the note in my inventory to read once I got home and had unloaded all my lovely loot. It was only after doing so, I realised I ought to have read it much earlier.

[Image: iep0th.jpg]


At times like this, the only thing you can do is make a meme to mark the occasion.

[Image: nprgwp.jpg]

[Image: tonguedrop.gif]
[Image: tonguedrop.gif]
[Image: tonguedrop.gif]
[Image: tonguedrop.gif]
[Image: tonguedrop.gif]
[Image: tonguedrop.gif]
[Image: tonguedrop.gif]
[Image: tonguedrop.gif]
I don't like giants. I had a very bad experience with one once. I had just saved without realizing a giant was right behind me and let's just say it took a billion tries until I got away from it, somehow managing to get into my inventory, then use whirl wind speed to get away from it in a matter of milliseconds.
How to make money killing nasty bandit leaders when you are avoiding getting involved in the civil war by telling everyone that you don't believe in violence to solve disputes.

Step One -

Go to place where nasty bandit leader is hiding.

[Image: 70xnid.jpg]

Step Two -

Take off shoes and creep up behind nasty bandit leader on tippy-toes silently.

[Image: 28vskrr.jpg]

Step Three -


[Image: 2m34snr.jpg]

Step Four -

Scrape nasty bandit leader spread like strawberry jam into bucket for alchemy ingredients before going to collect reward with a guilt free conscience

[Image: zv3ds3.jpg]

[Image: tonguedrop.gif]

Have you played the "night to remember" side quest? The most interesting and fun quest that I have played so far.
The "Night To Remember" is a riot, and the reward at the end of it may not seem like much, until you use it to open a can of daedric whoop-ass on that bandit ambush or dragon that thought you were going to be easy. [Image: budo.gif]

Speaking of dragons, I'm sick of every second venture I make using fast travel automatically results in a dragon attack if I travel to a non-walled city. It gets boring, because you have to kill it in case it attracts every wandering bandit, necromancer, bear, troll, wolf pack and sabrecat for miles, who will attack you as well. Which means bones and scales to harvest that are worth lots of money but screw up your inventory weight so you have to abandon whatever it was you were doing or going to & go back home to unload the booty.

There are however two new bugs I've found. The funny thing is, bugs tend to add to the experience in Skyrim, adding an extra element of random that is

The first one is the dragon you can kill and loot but doesn't have a soul to steal.

[Image: 21afsm.jpg]

"Yes Wulfgar, not only have the dragons returned, some of them are gingers!"

The second is the dragon that cannot be killed.

[Image: vybls7.jpg]

After shooting it down and absorbing its soul, the dragon's skeleton took off before I got a chance to loot it and recommenced battle. Didn't matter what I fired at it, it was now impossible to kill, meaning an undignified retreat at high speed until it found someone else to barbeque.

At least it gave a fight. That ginger dragon I mentioned earlier was at the top of a mine populated with the most pathetic enemies in the whole game.

[Image: km890.jpg]

Skeletons, you SUCK!

Outside dungeons, if there isn't a necromancer to tell you "kill!", you are even more stupid than normal.

Look at this bonehead. It sees me but walks on by as if no one is about.

[Image: 30crmh5.jpg]

[Image: BangHead.gif]

[Image: 256vaxt.jpg]

You make creaky bone noises all the time giving away your presence long before you are spotted. Even at beginners level are easier to kill than wolves and skeevers.

[Image: 32zs5yc.jpg]

But the more irritating part of encountering skeletons is no matter how many times they get killed with one shot or one blow, they always have that stupid smug grin on their faces.

[Image: spb4if.jpg]

Just because you look like supermodels doesn't make you the coolest beings in all Skyrim you know!
Here's a good tip for anyone starting the game from scratch when it comes to levelling up. You will get the option of pushing up your magic, your health or your strength. The temptation is to push them all up together, but your best bet of all is to keep levelling up your Strength until it is 300 and ignore the other two.

The reason is that it will give you the best return at the early part of the game. Increasing strength means you can power hit if caught up in a melee for longer. You can also carry more booty from dungeon raids or foraging for alchemy ingredients or mining for ores and stones.

Most important of all, it means you can RUN for longer, which might mean the difference between you escaping an overwhelmingly strong bandit force or a giant, or not - remember that thu'um takes a long time to recharge! Early in the game you are weak, and your best skilling up hopes lie in alchemy, smithing and enchanting, selling on and making more powerful weapons to overcome your shortcomings, using poisons on them, and so on.
I haven't played skyrim for ages. After a while the quests just seem to be the same thing over and over again. Also the dungeons feel too big, look the same and pretty much the same. IMO I think skyrim is a little too over-rated. I feel Bethesda aimed too high and made a great game that was too good/big. It seems like they put a lot of quality in it, but way too much quantity. Don't get me wrong I love Skrim, but it felt like it was too much for me.
What I love most of all about Skyrim is that if you do get bored of something like the quests, you can drop them, go and do other stuff, and it's not going to affect you adversely. Like you I tired on anything to do with the main quest (kill Alduin) pretty early on.

It's more fun mixing it up with Winterhold College, the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood and seeing what scrapes come from that, rather than doing another dungeon with another bunch of Draugr with their Smeagol hacking coughs that need a big dose of Buttercup ("to the syrup!").

Something that's great to do to level up quick in the Enchantment side (and will make you plenty of money) is to keep all those daggers or other low value bits and pieces you can get from raids or that you have been making by smithing (to get your level up real quick!) and enchant them using a Petty Soul Gem.

Yes, I know the book tells you not to waste soul gems that way & only to save them for recharging, but if all you are going to do is sell them rather than keep them, why not?

You don't get that much extra septims using a lesser soul gem or higher on an item anyway, so why not throw away the crappy Petty Souls on some daggers (or any other low value booty you may have), see their value go from 10 to 30 septims up to 400 to 600, rake in a massive profit and level up your enchanting ability to make great weapons, armour and rings you do want to keep?

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
You just reminded me, I want to pay another visit to the winterhold college.
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