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Full Version: Great Finds Thread
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*Fake italien accent* Woulda you lika me to a give you some great findsuh?

Lacking Skirts? Well look no further! Liana has lots of skirts and high class everyday for you; (seriously guys she's amazing)

Here down is Garden Of The Shadows

Pooklet'd Mania! ; [url=http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?PHPSESSID=sgremh06nqane5mfla95mntr36&topic=14269.0]Girl ; Girl Again

Multiple Facial Peircings

Pipa Surf Unique beachouse.

Eco Zen Amazing oriental themed abode.

This is all for now, Enjoy!
Sorry there hasn't been any updates lately. Here's some that I find while waiting for TS2 to install...

Adam Lambert @ MTS - It looks a lot like him Wink

Dining Clutter and Cozy Cottage Dining Set @ MTS - They are somewhat matching, but the clutter can be used with anything. Both are quite awesome.

Petite Family Vinyard: let the nectar making begin! @ MTS - Requires WA. A house for nectar making and it looks french Wink

Shabby Livingroom Set @ MTS - A mixed match set. Would be good for your "poor" families.

Earth Mama

Tired of seeing the same bodies over and over? {rolleyes}

Found a new CAS slider!

It adjusts breasts, butt, waist, head and hips.


Enjoy! Wink
Haha, totally!

Here's a "whipped" lipstick. I'm on the hunt for better make up, and this looks pretty good.


Two color eyeshadow:


Three color eyeshadow:


Really long eye lashes:


Recolorable beauty marks:


(I don't feel like doing all of the code xD)
Some more finds today...

At Around the Sims 3, there's these little bedside objects. And guess what it is? Dentures, handkerchief, and pills! :O Perfect for your elders!

At MTS, there's Ceiling Halogen Lights! It will add the perfect lighting to some of your homes, without being in the way so much as the current lighting is Smile

SimPossible has modern object sets and houses. They have wonderful paintings too Smile


And in a .sims3pack for those who hate the package files.

YES, it is a half wall, under the fence category, but you can recolor it and everything.
OMG the kid's paintings are sooo cute, thank you very much for the link <3  {yes}
Not a particular content per say but I think you guys should check out MTS2

Their having a big Medieval design challenge thing; for those of you who love making little medieval stories in your head. xD
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