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Full Version: Vintage Point
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Well the tower is finished, complete with cubicles, offices, etc. I also decreased the size of the house, which meant I had to redo the garden, but other than that, I haven't done much. I have been focusing on Hope and not so much on VP.
I was thinking about doing all the rabbit holes (which really they arent rabbit holes, but you know what I mean) and finishing off that one house before I put up the next download, but the building process is going to take quite some time.
Is anyone here good with floor plan designs, because I am terrible. This is currently the interior of the house:
Floor 1:
[Image: HelpFP2_zps6f47382a.png]

Floor 2:
[Image: HelpFP_zps429d2f98.png]
I would say I am mediocre when it comes to floor plans. I think the first thing to establish is where you are going to place the stairs, since that will then dictate where the internal walls and doors can be.

I would be tempted to put the kitchen toward the back of the ground floor, allowing the possibility of a back door or french door out into the garden area or at least a nice view from the sink via a window. Yes That would then leave the larger space towards the front of the house as living space.

The stairs could possibly run up the wall either on the left hand side or against the wall with the garage. Or you could use spiral stairs to take up less floor space (I think everyone should have spiral stairs now, as I heard that some where added with the latest patch - although I haven't patched yet so can't confirm that).

Upstairs I'd probably make the small area at the back into a bathroom, since bathrooms don't need to be too large. Depending how it goes with the stairs, it looks like you could either have two smallish bedrooms, or one big bedroom plus a study, or a standard double room with something like a nursery.
[Image: Floorplan_zps993d7e8e.png]

Bath= Bathroom (obviously)
Bed= Bedroom
K= kitchen
G= garage
L= lounge room
D= Dining room

That is what I have come up with so far for the first floor, there is a large space beside the stairs which I don't know what to do with, I could try and put in a study nook, but there is still going to be a ton of space.

I also might make the kitchen/dining area open-planned, same with the lounge room.
Ah, I see that the house is actually much bigger than I first thought! The stairs being there makes it easier to get a sense of scale. So the house will end up with quite a lot of bedrooms in fact?
Yep, it's quite large. I'm going to have to make the other houses much smaller.
What size of lot is that big house on?
Most of the lots are around 20x30, so this one is probably around that.
(01-07-2013 09:49 AM)Ollie Wrote: [ -> ]Most of the lots are around 20x30, so this one is probably around that.

Well I suppose that is a fairly large plot for one house but it is by no means too large. It will make a nice big family home. It's always nice to have a variety of sizes of houses in the world so you can find something to suit different sizes of sim families.


Just been eating lunch (quiche) and staring at the floor plans! Biggrin

I see what you mean about the large space around the stairs. You actually have enough room there to make the bathroom and middle bedroom bigger by pulling out their East walls into the area containing the stairs (let's call it the hall). If my poor old eyes aren't deceiving me, those rooms are currently four large tiles across, just enough for a double bed and two side tables, so they could stand to be bigger without looking crazy large, I think.

Another thing you could do (or in addition to enlarging a bathroom and bedroom) is to go ahead with your plan to put in a study nook or similar in the hall. It's nice to make use of that space and I usually put easels in the hall or some other hobby items. Or you could add storage cupboards or even just decorative clutter such as hat racks, dressers, suitcases and tables with plants on them. If it's going to be a family home then I guess the kids could use if for toys etc.

A slightly more radical change would be to swing the stairs round 90 degrees, so that they run up the north edge of the lounge, with the 'back' of the stairs butting up against the garage wall. Then you could actually include a much bigger dining room, towards the back of what is currently the hall. The kitchen would be accessed through the dining room. The room currently allocated for dining could be retained as a breakfast room (very la-di-da!) or possibly even be something like a laundry room or a little room for use by the butler!

I will now leave you in peace to build (actually looking at the time you should be asleep) but no doubt I will have more suggestions and questions in the future. Tongue
[Image: FP2_zpsc3becc64.png]

That's what it's looking like now.
Just so you know the furniture in the bedroom and ensuite is only temporary, although I do like it.
As you can see I made the original bathroom an open-plan ensuite, the furniture there is just a representation of what I might put there. I've decided to make the lounge room a study as placing the stairs there made it way too small, so therefore I'm going to have to place a lounge room upstairs. I'm debating whether or not I should have shortened the size of the garage to leave more room for the dining room, considering the fact in the dining room you only really need a table and some decorations. I also replaced the stairs with a bathroom, and I will likely put a coffee or end table beside the bathroom to place decorations on. There is still a large space in the corner beside the ensuite, but I rekon I could get away with maybe a couple of lounge chairs or something. The more I look at it, the kitchen seems quite big, but we'll see how it turns out.

Wow this house is beginning to remind me of the house I made for the Waggoner diary.
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