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Full Version: Vintage Point
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Looking good, Ollie, it's coming along nicely. I much prefer the staircase in that location. Yes
Any more movement on this Ollie?

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
I shall show you something soon which may or may not have to do with that "Homes For Sims" channel I made a while back *wink* *wink*.

Also I'm kind of reconsidering the French theme, I might put in a few french style houses, but yeah, I'm likely to just do a variety of house styles. I guess I'll edit the description to say, "Over the years Vintage Point has become more accepting of many different cultures..."
I am also going to have to re-size that French style house that was in the making, the kitchen is just way too big. Either that or I could do a competition- whoever can finish off the house to make it look the best, but I don't necessarily won't anybody to feel upset because their house didn't look the best.
It would be quite nice, I think, to have a sort of "old quarter" area in Vintage Point, with your French-themed houses and perhaps some restaurants and little book/antique/art shops. Maybe a town square or park. Then other parts of the town could be "newer" commercial zones and suburban sprawl with a greater variety of architecture for houses and businesses. Down along the beach is really crying out for some seaside-style property, which I have trouble envisaging done in an entirely French style. So yes, I think you might be best off using a variety of building styles, but I do like the idea of an older-looking French area.

Wow, that was just terrible, but nonetheless a small home for vintage point.
Nice little house! I think starter houses are one of the hardest things to build, especially if you are keeping strictly to the starter house budget. It doesn't leave much scope for decorative items, but I guess that's the idea.

I like your video, Ollie. I'd suggest maybe don't feel obliged to talk constantly if you are not sure what to say. It's not a problem for there to be some pauses in the narration while something is happening on screen. You could say more, though, I reckon, about the actual build - such as what style of house you are making and why you chose various items or features and then you can talk the viewers through what you changed as you went along and why. But don't worry about it too much - just chat away if you feel like it.

Oh my, bloody hell!
Unfortunately I am having troubles with CAW right now, so I don't know what is going on, I have yet to update the game to the latest version, so I'll try that now.
Hey I really like that, nice work! How in the heck do you build so fast?.. smile..
Its funny as I am watching your video I find myself using the mouse to go along with you. LOL Yeah, I know Im nuts.
Hope you get CAW up and running again, Ollie!
Thanks Tasia.

I managed to get CAW not to crash, but my most recent save of VP is corrupted, so in the most recent save I can get working doesn't have any buildings, thankfully I have the one I made for the speed build saved to the bin, but I'm not sure about my other creations. I know I saved the buisness tower at some stage, but I'm not sure if that was completely finished (like it was) at the time I saved it to the bin.
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