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Full Version: Vintage Point
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Great! I will see about downloading it tomorrow and give it a whirl!
OK, have downloaded it & here's some notes I've made from it.

1. Loading time - the loading time was next to nothing, which is always a good sign, especially if there's a mountain range in it. Even though it is empty of buildings, considering the island's size I would still have expected it to take longer than it did.

[Image: 138881.jpg]

2. The south side of the island where the mountains-hills are ends very abruptly at the back. Although it's a part of the island that's inaccessible, I would still sculpt that part to give the island a more natural feel.

3. Far, far too many lot spaces. I counted 22 & a community lot alone up at the dirt track road section alone. If you are downloading an empty world, it's a real pain being confronted with a chunk of redundant lots you want to delete to speed the game up & make it feel tidier. If you haven't put in any buildings, there's little point in putting any bar the minimum required as people can always put them in themselves in Edit Town.

It also means you would be getting rid of the bobbling (or whatever the word is) from the number of lots that have been put in unlandscaped (see below).

[Image: 138882.jpg]

4. The "road to nowhere" heading into the hills-mountains has a "kink" in it about half way up that makes it impassable at that point (Minty Green is as far forward as is possible)

[Image: 138883.jpg]

Again it is only cosmetic, but you may want to do something with this such as put crash barriers at this point over the road and pavements to designate it is unroutable for Sims.

[Image: 138884.jpg]

5. One of the junctions has paving stones going over it. It doesn't affect the traffic (I tested all the roads & they all work perfectly), but you may want to correct that or do it to the other three junction points there as well if you're wanting to create some sort of unique feature at this point.

[Image: 138885.jpg]

6. There's a festivals lot next to the hospital lot that overlaps into the sea as you can see above. Bulldozing it removes it anyway, but I'd remove that & stick it in part of the space regained from clearing out the multitude of lots I mentioned earlier.

7. Did you put fish spawners into the water? Everywhere I checked I always got the answer that there were hardly any there.

Apart from that, very well done, especially on getting the twisty road to work first time!

The good part of trying it out here is you have all of us as your guinea pigs to test it out & get feedback in peace & quiet (nosy nags notwithstanding! Tongue ) until you've got it perfect, whereas at MTS or the officials you do it wrong once & you're damned forever.

Caspin will know better than I, but I think this was why BluebellFlora didn't bother showcasing her worlds outside of her blog, she'd her own dedicated audience of testers to rely on, better than the officials where half the posts in reply to someone's "look at my new world, please give feedback" are other world makers trying to get people to do the same for theirs! BangHead

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
2. I'll see what I can do about that. I geuss if you Want a world to look like it continues on, you kinda have to make it large world (vintage point is a medium-sized one).

3. I'll get rid of as many lots as I feel comfortable with. That bobbing really annoyed me while making the world.

4. And 5. I will fix those things up.

6. I want to kinda keep that as the festival lot, considering its the tip of the island and quite a fancy spot. Originally I had the festival lot somewhere else (opposite the town hall), but I decided to change it to the northern-most point. I will attempt to pretty it up.

7. Yes, I have no idea hat happened, I thought I put in a fair amount, but I geuss you need to put in a ton more.

I geuss it was good to not put it up on the exchange or mod the sims or any of those "fancy" sims sites.
[Image: Carcrash_zps785e71a7.png]

That is how the road to nowhere is looking now. I made it look like some terrible car crash because I felt like it. Tongue

Regarding number three, there really isn't much I can do unfortunately, unless I destroy the mountains, which I won't do.

Since there isn't much of a tunnel that I can find in the objects section you're just going to have to use your imagination with this:
[Image: Tunnel_zps58654c63.png]

Hopefully there will be no more problems with catching fish.
[Image: Fishspawnersgalore_zpseecfbecd.png]
Sorry, Ollie, I didn't get a change to download it yet, due to a series of domestic matters requiring my attention and now I feel like I'm getting sick so don't feel like being at the computer.

It's amazing that there is already a new version thanks to Minty's thorough testing and your speedy fixing. I love your road traffic accident scene to block the road!

I may not get a chance to explore VP until next weekend now. Sad
Sorry it's taken me all day to get back onto this after your quick update this morning (or rather evening Down Under!).

Uninstalled the old version, installed the new version, smooth loading time again, & I can confirm all the changes made above!

[Image: 138897.jpg]

Knew I'd find a use for that house again one day!

This is at the crossroads I mentioned last time.

[Image: 138898.jpg]

Minty Green was always going onto the WWW with his smart phone every time he stopped walking. Dunno where he gets it from! Tongue

Although Ollie's taken out the kink in the road you can walk up the hill only so far like last time. I think it isn't as far. The police car & roadblock should tell even the most stupid of players though that the area is redundant!

Regarding the "road to nowhere", is there rocks you could put at the end there to give the impression of a rockfall? I noticed some large ones in the sea beside the lighthouse, can they also be put on land at that point?

[Image: 138899.jpg]

I liked there being two boats instead of the usual one. It's the small touches like this that tickle. It also makes sense with you going mad with the fish spawners that they could be recreational fishing boats.

[Image: 138900.jpg]

[Image: 138901.jpg]

Is there fishing competitions in Sims 3? If there is, Vintage Point would be brilliant for them now, & anyone wanting to do for careers the fishing line (sorry!) is going to have it made. You could easily get a good nine or ten Sims in the one area fishing away, much more realistic (I live near a popular fishing loch, & from my experience fisherman like Goths appear to wander around in shore shoals!)

Great work Ollie on the swift update! Clapping

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
@Caspin, that's alright, I hope you start to feel better soon.

@Minty, do you reckon I should just make the whole road to nowhere inaccessible?

You know what makes vintage point better than Sunset valley, the fact that in Vintage Point you can actually hop on to the area where the light-house is! Tongue
Take that EA.

I've been adding in some street lights and little details, what do you think?
[Image: Streetlights_zps86039500.png]
Streetlamps and details are a good idea. I have downloaded version 1.1 (it took 30 seconds) and I'll take a quick look.

Big Grin

Later that day:

I have taken a quick look! Minty is right - this is an angler's paradise!

[Image: VintagePointBeta_01_FishingHaven.jpg]

Look at all those fishies jumping! The bit out by the lighthouse is really nice. I gave Caspin some beachfront property.

[Image: VintagePointBeta_02_FishJumping.jpg]

You mentioned that you could go to the lighthouse, so I did some swimming with the fishes... and arrived safely. It would be a nice spot for a picnic.

[Image: VintagePointBeta_03_SwimmingWithFishes.jpg]

Drove around for a bit and checked out the out-of-bounds road. The crash scene didn't have a police car in my game - why is that?

[Image: VintagePointBeta_04_Crash1.jpg]

There's a barrier there, Caspin - STOP!

[Image: VintagePointBeta_05_Crash2.jpg]

Oh dear. That's why I don't drive in RL.

Anyway, I wondered whether it was possible to improve the elevation of some of the lots? To make the land smoother and possibly easier for people to build on?

[Image: VintagePointBeta_06_LotElevation.jpg]

I realise that this is probably because the land is hilly but is there some way to place lots so that they fit with the curvature of the land and don't develop sharp edges like that? Sometimes that happens when you place houses on existing lots with wonky terrain elevation (so the houses rise up and are out of line with the road, or they sink into a hole) and you can fix it with the cheat SetImportedTerrainOffset, but I don't know if there's some way to smooth things in CAW.

OK, got to do some more work now. Can't always be virtual fishing I guess.

I think that police car might have been from UL. So I might change that area a bit.
The annoying thing about create-a-world is that you don't know what things are from what expansion packs.

That cheat (SetImportedTerrainOffset [value]) doesn't appear to work for me. At least not while editing it in game via create-a-world.
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