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Full Version: Vintage Point
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That's all the roads done.
[Image: VP9_zpsee33d4bb.png]
Roads - that was the part I gave up on! Well done for perservering.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Oooh look at all the coloured boxes - I guess that blue boxes are residential and yellow boxes are commercial? What are the red ones?
The red ones are residential ones too, they just went from blue to red for an unknown reason.
Oh OK, just for a bit of variety maybe Smile
The beta version will be uploaded soon.
First of all I would like to note that no lots have been built on due to the fact that this version is meant particularly for the base game with no expansion packs required. Second thing to note is that the community lots have not necessarily been designed to hold the ones made by EA, this is because I am planning to build them at a later date with one of the the rabbit hole rugs/doors mods.

It's not uploading to the exchange, the .RAR file is apparently too big for mod the sims. Oh dear. Hold on, I know what to do now, but I'll upload it tomorrow seeing as it's getting late here.
Good call on the rabbithole rugs, they save a lot of space.

fudge Mod The Sims anyway, they're a shower of pretentious J Arthur Rankers who will probably reject your island for not meeting their "standards" unless you tell them you're some sort of sexual deviant emo weirdo from Meerkovo or Mars.

Get yourself a free account with Mediafire & stick it up here. We'll give you an honest answer before it is unleashed on the world at large (giving you time to tweak it if desired).

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
I was just worried with mediafire that I would necessarily get as many downloads as I would if I downloaded it on a site like Mod the sims, but anyway screw it, I'll do it.
Oh and BTW: Considering it's my first world you can kinda see water behind the mountains (I'll have to make do a large map next time so I can attempt to fix it up).

I still might have to upload it tomorrow. It's slowly getting there (20% now), but I've had to restart the upload a couple of times as it keeps failing for some reason.

Edit: it failed yet again.
I'm excited to see it! I have not much simming time at the moment due to what feels like a year's worth of social events being compacted into a few weekends for no good reason, but if I get a chance (and if you can get it uploaded) I can get some sims to stroll round and test the roads etc., or whatever sort of testing you want us to do.
Here it is Vintage point Beta no. 1.0 Big Grin


Also the first post has been updated with a snazzy look.
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