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Full Version: Vintage Point
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[Image: 100f1b12-b926-46d6-ba36-66c28f387c00_zpsfac62bb8.jpg]

I've started adding in some new terrain paints.

Edit: Which you can barley see in that photo.
:mw_wave: Hello Ollie, isn't it night time there?!

You're making speedy progress it looks like. Do you have to paint all those mountains with unroutable paint or can you do the routable bits and then tell the programme to make everything else unroutable (that would be a good feature I think)?

I am happy to see the lighthouse (I love lighthouses). Smile
It was about 10 pm when I posted that. Tongue
Yeah you have to paint the stuff unroutable and where the camera cant go. And yes I was making speedy progress, but lately I've been a bit slack.

Anyway picture time! Big Grin

[Image: vp5_zpsd4f8e8e1.png]

[Image: vp6_zps71d6ffb5.png]
Ah, palm trees along the coast road, very nice. Loving the lighthouse. Smile

Understandable that you have been slightly distracted by SimCity!
Can you spot a certain something under the sea? *hint* *hint*
Listeningtomusic "Under the sea! Under the sea!" Now I've got that annoying song from 'The Little Mermaid'. Thank you for that, Ollie!

Yes I can see something over on the left side of the first picture but I don't know what it is. The tip of a mast of a sunken ship? A shark fin!?
I think you just might be right about the sunken ship. Big Grin

Now we need scuba-diving to be added to the game, so that our sims can dive down and look for lost treasure...
There is going to be one tonne of starter homes in Vintage Point. :/ Tongue Smile

The roads are 75-80% complete, So soon I will be doing a little bit of terrain editing, placing trees (and other objects), etc. Then I will be building! Big Grin

[Image: VP7_zps6521117a.png]

[Image: VP8_zpsd7418b32.png]

Edit: All the roads are now complete, just filling them with lots, then tomorrow I will be focusing on plopping trees, objects and spawners.
Ah I can see the shipwreck much more easily in that picture - fab! I guess the lighthouse didn't do its job properly when that ship came by.

Seems to be coming along nicely, Ollie!
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