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Full Version: Vintage Point
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That seems very silly - CAW should surely show the little symbols for the EPs just as it does in Buy/Build mode. Otherwise how are people supposed to remember what came from where?! Silly EA.

I liked the police car being there - you could just leave it, as it didn't do my game any harm to have it vanish while UL is not installed.

Is it possible to smooth or soften the edges of the pre-placed lots at all? It would be good if the edge that is adjacent to the road was also at the same height as the road. However I guess that could all be fixed later when buildings are placed.
Yeah I can use the edit in game mode (which you get to through CAW), but I will have to do it manually, for each lot. I might do it before I start on the building, but we'll see.
I'm with Caspin on the police car & you already know my view on the lumpy lots.

You have my sympathy on the CAW tool. I'm amazed that no one invented one of their own or made add-on mods for it the same way you get ones for all sorts of freeware in order to make it more user friendly.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
It's still beta isn't it - the CAW tool I mean - does that mean that EA never actually bothered to finish it properly? Haven't they had four or five years to finish it by now. Slow aren't they.

Anyway, I have been thinking about the lumpy lots, as Minty so delightfully names them, and I have a question (don't I always). When you place the lots in CAW, is it essentially the same process as placing them in Edit Town mode, and then do you edit them using something akin to Build mode?

So if you plonk down a lot in CAW, does it initially fit the shape of the land? I ask because it looks to me as though your lumpy lots are the result of plonking down a lot, then using the "flatten lot" option in Build mode (or whatever that option is called - the one with the big arrow pointing downwards) to level the terrain. If so, if you want to make the world look smoother, maybe consider just placing the lots and leaving them with the curvature of the land - people can always adjust the terrain themselves if they want to build on a given lot, but it would mean that initially the lumps wouldn't be there and you wouldn't have problems with a difference in elevation from the road.
Very slow indeed.
creating a lot in create a world isn't like when your in edit town, it's easier in create a world (I think). You can edit them in something like build mode, but you have to go through edit-in-game mode (in create-a-world), but no I don't flatten the lots down in it. I think that the lumpy lots might have something to do with when you either copy the lot to place multiple of the same size and moving/rotating lots around. So I might have to remember that in the future.
Ah, that sounds like it would make sense. Presumably you 'copied' the contours and elevation of the first lot and then 'pasted' it for the others. Now we know!

I've fixed most- if not all- of the lots.
I will probably one or two more updated versions before I begin building.
Looking forward to seeing future versions. Big Grin
I made a very rough looking logo (made in a matter of minutes):

[Image: Vintagepointlogo1_zpse2b121b1.png]

Is anybody good at designing? If so and you're up to it, would you like making a logo?
Actually, we could have a fancy competition.

I whipped up a new one
[Image: Vintagepointlogo2_zpsb806e13b.png]
Looks good. I think I'd be hopeless at designing. Cake decorating, sure; logo design, not so much!
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