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Full Version: Vintage Point
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(25-04-2013 12:38 PM)Ollie Wrote: [ -> ]Here we go, brand spanking new version (I hope I got the right file): http://www.mediafire.com/?e29u5bq4cjziuol

Safely downloaded, will take a look today if I get a chance.


Edit: took my chance before anybody else is up and about!

So, it took 35 seconds to download (why are we measuring this?) and was quick to install. I plonked a version of myself into a beach house (might as well live in style) and commenced roaming Vintage Point. You've done well smoothing out the lots, Ollie, they are much less bumpy now. There are still a few rough spots but that is easily fixed once you start building. In fact in this instance there was a slight elevation mis-match with the house I'm using, but I decided not to fix it - instead I just smoothed out the edges and it gives the impression of the sand shifting around the house and natural undulations in the grass, just as you might encounter in RL. Smile

[Image: VintagePoint_01.jpg]

I drove around in a taxi to various locations on the map. Did not find any problems with any of the road and the land looks much smoother in general. This is the same location I took a picture previously, where there were some quite sharp edges and lots that had sunk down. Now they are all nice and neat.

[Image: VintagePoint_02.jpg]

I like your traffic lights! There seem to be a lot of them, but that's because there are no buildings as yet so you just see lots and lots of street furniture. Once you have some commercial lots in the town, the junctions will look good with the details you've added. Not that sims really obey any logical rules of the road even when there are traffic lights.

[Image: VintagePoint_03.jpg]

Went back to the scene of the road traffic accident. Now that I have the right EPs installed, the police car has appeared in my game. I noticed that whereas before I could drive through the barriers and walk around near the squished cars, now I cannot. Did you do something to fix it so that sims cannot pass that point? Whatever you did worked; that area is no longer accessible. Note that Caspin is also sensibly and obediently following your pedestrian routes across the street. Big Grin

[Image: VintagePoint_04.jpg]

Does the weather stone land in the same location every time? In Vintage Point, for me at least, it lands in the sea! It doesn't matter, though, you can still approach it and it makes a nice feature on this beach.

[Image: VintagePoint_05.jpg]

This looked like a good spot to try going into the water. (Last time I tried swimming out to the lighthouse from further round and that was fine.) And this is where we run into the sinking problem. Did EA introduce quicksand? .....

[Image: VintagePoint_06.jpg]

...... goodbye little plumbob!

[Image: VintagePoint_07.jpg]

Where did you end up, Caspin? Well, looking down into the water, it would appear that sims suffer a frightening fate.

[Image: VintagePoint_08.jpg]

Amusingly, they don't drown despite these dire circumstances. In fact Caspin got heat-stroke while I battled to persuade her to exit the water somewhere. Couldn't find a way to do it and had to reset her.

Not sure what can be done about that, Ollie. Could it be something to do with your sunken ship - whatever you did to get the ship to be under the water, could it extend to the beach area and pull sims down too?
Sorry Ollie, I've not been able to test your new build yet.

Once again, my Sims 3 is crashing & refusing to load. It's nothing to do with your world btw - it's not even allowing me to install it, or anything else that is a Sims3pack. I've tried cleaning my registry but no joy, am looking at reinstalling the base game tomorrow by the look of it.

REALLY pissed off. BangHead

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Further to the above, I HAVE been able to load up the game, everything's fine except that it took a minute to load up once selected in the game. Likewise on the "quicksand" problem down at the beach.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Ollie have you considered asking for information on the CAW section of the EA forum? Maybe someone knows what to do about the sinking sim situation.
I just did a very quick search, but I couldn't find much. What I did find was that with sims generally sinking (whilst pool swimming) and going through walls isn't fixable. I think it has something to do with the beach lot, ccnsidering they can swim normally if they go swimming from outside of the lot. So I might edit the terrain around the beach a little and redo the two beach lots so they don't Intersect with the water (or barely do).
Is it possible to make certain areas of water impassible? That could be a way of getting around it, block off the parts that are affected.

Are you using SuperCAW at all in addition to normal CAW, because there appears to be some discussion about problems with the water levels using that, or maybe I've picked this one up wrong? Dunno

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
I think it must be possible to make some areas of the sea impassable. For example there are several beach areas in Sunlit Tides where sims will not enter the water - if you direct them to swim from there, they set off on a long trek to the nearest swim-from-able beach.
I could do that but then the beach would be somewhat useless. We'll see how it goes when I change around the beach lots so they don't come in contact with water.
You could make some of the most critical sinking-sand bits of the beach be impassable, then sims would be forced to enter the water further round, where swimming seems to work better. But yes, let's see what happens after you edit the beach lots and take it from there.
Perfect, I have the beach working now, I just need to fix up a couple of lots and then upload a new version.

Edit: Version 1.3 is here! http://www.mediafire.com/?ayyhclb4vi4opyy
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