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Full Version: Vintage Point
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Well I'm nearly ready to upload a new version, we'll see how that goes and if anything needs fixing, I'll fix it, if not, I'll get on to building! Big Grin
Great, can't wait to see it again!
[Image: GreetingsfromVintagepoint_zpsedd7d174.png]

We Have...

Hot air balloons (with people)
[Image: Hotairballoonpeople_zpsc777acec.png]

Traffic lights
[Image: Trafficlights_zps165784c3.png]

And last but not least, hell on earth (or sim-earth)
[Image: Welcometohell_zps3c8f1b8d.png]
Oh my! What's going on in the last picture!?
I may or may not have set the cloud level to the highest setting.
Oh OK. It looks mad! I thought you were trying to depict an apocalypse or something. Smile
Here we go, brand spanking new version (I hope I got the right file): http://www.mediafire.com/?e29u5bq4cjziuol
OK, will try this out later today & give you feedback.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Already found a problem while swimming on the beach this happens: [Image: Idontthinkthisisnormal_zps49728032.png]

This gets to the point where even the plumbob is underground.

Any ideas on how to fix it?
I've seen that happen in other worlds - including EA's worlds. I recently played in Appaloosa Plains and sims kept disappearing under a mountain, plus in Sunlit Tides I found some sims stuck underground under their houses. As you say, even their plumbobs can disappear under there.

I don't know of a solution, though. Sad
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