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Full Version: Vintage Point
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(04-05-2013 02:42 AM)Ollie Wrote: [ -> ]Perfect, I have the beach working now, I just need to fix up a couple of lots and then upload a new version.

Edit: Version 1.3 is here! http://www.mediafire.com/?ayyhclb4vi4opyy

OK - got it! Smile

Alrighty, let's get established with a nice view of that lighthouse. Clapping That really is quite a lovely view and the water looks so inviting.

[Image: VP3_1.jpg]

I had wondered about the weather stone and whether it always lands in the same place, but now I can answer my own question - it plonks itself down on different community lots in different saves. Or did you change the site it would choose? Anyway, this time it isn't on the beach, it's on a park in the middle of town. Looks a bit forlorn all by itself there doesn't it!

[Image: VP3_2.jpg]

Tried swimming out from Caspin's house - near the sunken ship. Works great! Yes

[Image: VP3_3.jpg]

Then headed over the the Beach Formerly Constructed From Sinking Sand.

[Image: VP3_4.jpg]

I instructed sim to swim out from the same spot that I'd encountered trouble previously. Initially she wasn't keen on the idea, instead getting dressed and legging it back towards the road!

[Image: VP3_5.jpg]

Get back here you wimp!

However then she spun around and complied with my request .....

[Image: VP3_6.jpg]

..... and was rewarded with a lovely swim out to the lighthouse. So nice!

Have you noticed something odd about the fish in my pictures, particularly the sharks?

No? Well - for your viewing pleasure, ladies, gentleman and cats on laps - I now present Ollie's amazing Hover-Sharks!

[Image: VP3_7.jpg]

Oh, whoops. I think I better fix that. Tongue

And nope, I have nothing to do with that weather stone.
Aw, I kind of like your Hover-fish. Biggrin

I didn't try fishing for them, though. That would have been a sensible test to do but I didn't think of it at the time. I was too busy goggling at them flying around.

Your town is looking good, Ollie, and I'm glad the swimming is working now. It'll be fun to see it start filling up with buildings too.

Have fun!
1.4 is here with no more flying fish!
Hover sharks FTW! Yahoo

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
I love the hover-sharks!

Have installed latest version. My sim has become slightly addicted to Vintage Point.

[Image: VP_001.jpg]

Beautiful beach - check. Swimming without sinking into sand - check. Sharks remaining below water - check.

[Image: VP_002.jpg]

Well, all bar one. This guy still likes to fly. Biggrin

[Image: VP_003.jpg]

But I wouldn't worry about it. I like him!
I'm actually quite jealous that you can build worlds! I have tried before, but alas, I'm terrible at it.
It looks really good!
Yeah, it looks like Ollie has the knack (and the patience) for CAW, doesn't it. I'd be a bit scared to try in case it became an obsession and I lost any more time to this game. Smile
I'm one of those people who need it simple...One button for everything.
I think with the sims 4 they need two create a worlds, a simpler one (like in the sims 2) and a more advanced one (like the sims 3), both improved (obviously).
I have decided to do some french-style architecture, which should fit in nicely with the background story. It is also going to be more of a rich area (except for the trailer-park type area I created on the side).
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